11th Hour Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments. Every Day. 11AM. Guaranteed.

Why cruise around when you can cruise in to win? Tin Lizzie pays out over $12,000 in tournament giveaways every week, thousands more during twice the weekly tournaments of any casino in Deadwood!

11th Hour Slot Tournaments are FREE to players who've earned 50 points on the day of or 500 points in the previous 30 days to play.

11AM. Every Day. Sunday—Saturday.


Local's Day Slot Tournament — First round anytime 10AM-5PM. Final round at 6PM.


Freeway Free Play— Play for the chance to win Free Play


Money Maker — The only 3-round slot tournament in Deadwood. Two extra hours of Hot Seats every 15 minutes. Free meal for tournament players.


Turbo Charger 


Pick Your Partner— Team up with a partner to play 2 rounds.


Everybody Wins


The Big Easy — Choice of spiced or spiked Cajun Hot Chocolate and pastries for players.

Seven Eleven — Play all seven 11th Hour Tournaments to qualify to win your part of the Prize Package.