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Fast Lane

Fast Lane - Challenge your friends and others with realistic looking NASCAR® races on every screen throughout the casino. Choose your driver and if they win, you win!  

Spin Out

Spin Out - Spin in to play Spin Out, Tin Lizzie’s brand new 3-wheel bonus spin game, the first and only of its kind in Deadwood. Playing is simple and everyone is eligible to win 24/7. You can pick up where you leave off when you return to Tin Lizzie. Plus, you get to play your custom promotions whenever you choose. 

1st Spin Out – Earn 2,500 points. Win up to $2,500.
2nd Spin Out – Earn 5,000 points. Win up to $5,000.
3rd Spin Out – Earn 10,000 points. Win up to $10,000.


Supercharger - Supercharger is Tin Lizzie’s exciting new progressive jackpot with five chances to win. Just use your Players’ Club card on your machine to rake in one of the five jackpots floor-wide. Win up to $5,000!

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