Behind The Scenes of Deadwood Mardi Gras

Posted: February 16, 2017

Listen to the festive music, see the colorful decorations, and smell the delicious food! Mardi Gras weekend in the Black Hills combines Cajun and the Wild West in the small town of Deadwood, SD. Every restaurant, bar, and casino participates in this highly anticipated weekend, celebrating early Friday, Feb. 24 to the late hours of Saturday, Feb. 25. People from all over the region dress up and party until the sun comes up!

Mardi Gras weekend wouldn’t be the party it is without everyone working behind the scenes to put the best show on north of the bayou. I had the opportunity to interview a few Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort employees to hear all the exciting tales of past Mardi Gras spectaculars.

Matt, Paddy O'Neill's bar manager, said the event is HUGE. All weekend long, the casino, hotel and bar are busier than ever. With a Cajun styled cook-off inside and the Mardi Gras parade outside, people of all ages gather together to celebrate. Look out for Tin Lizzie’s extravagant float in this year’s parade!

Terry, a table game dealer in the Pit, said the crowd grows throughout the weekend with new, young faces. Amongst our locals, there are many groups of college students and young adults that wear decorative masks and incredibly festive costumes. Bring your party ears because this event is going to be loud and exciting!

Chris, T-Grille’s kitchen supervisor, said this year would be his third Mardi Gras cooking for Tin Lizzie. The restaurant is preparing a main dish for Deadwood’s Cajun Feast on Friday, Feb. 24. On Saturday, Feb. 25, two main courses and a few side dishes are presented in the casino for everyone to sample before they vote on the best. He is anticipating an even bigger crowd of hungry people than at last year’s cook-off.

Visit Tin Lizzie’s Player’s Club for beaded necklaces and other specialty items for purchase. Specialty beads will be given away in the Pit as well! Don’t let the party end – book your room for Mardi Gras Weekend online now: