MUST HIT BY $5,000
$ 0.00

Big Shot Blackjack Tournament

Saturday, December 21 

$4,000 Prize Pool

Every Monday at 6pm, enter into the Qualifying Blackjack Tournaments to win CASH and earn points for your chance to play in the final Big Shot Blackjack Tournament. $10 entry fee. 

Accumulate 100 points and be invited back to play in our $4,000 Big Shot Blackjack Tournament on Saturday, December 21.  The top six players will split the $4,000 prize pool, with the top prize being $2,000 CASH.


*Must be actively gaming in the pit to qualify. Qualifying Blackjack Tournaments begin October 6, 2019. Up to $500 house – added weekly. Top 6 placers of the final Big Shot Blackjack Tournament will split the prize pool.