Ride the Road to $25K at Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort and win BIG! One Drawing winner will be called at 10 p.m. every Saturday night and given a chance at the grand prize. There are 30 envelopes to choose from. Only one contains the Grand Prize! The road starts at $5,000 and goes up by $5,000 every week it isn’t won. All the envelopes have prizes, but only one will get you the jackpot!


*Must play with your Clubhouse Card. Receive one free entry for carding into your favorite machine once a day. Receive one additional entry from every 100 points earned or redeemed throughout the qualifying period. Multiple entries are encouraged. A single-entry qualification enters you into the daily, weekend, and monthly drawings. All monetary prizes are Free Play, unless indicated otherwise. Daily entries qualify for the corresponding weekend and monthly drawings. Easy Street drawings are limited and no consecutive wins. Management reserves all rights.