Deadwood’s Favorite Blackjack Pit

Pull up a seat in our newly designed Blackjack Pit; our ten table card pit featuring 3-Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, craps, roulette, and blackjack.


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3-Card Progressive with 6-Card Side Bet

An exciting spin on the most popular specialty table game. Players simply make the optional $1 progressive side bet that pays out when they are holding a straight or higher. The top payout—100% of the progressive jackpot—is won when the player is dealt an Ace-King-Queen of spades.

The top two payouts also trigger “envy bonuses”, in which all progressive betters win if anyone at the table is holding a premium hand.

  • 6-Card Bonus: Try to make your best 5-Card hand out of your cards combined with the dealers!

Double Deck Blackjack

The most exciting blackjack game around, with the lowest house edge. Bet anywhere from $10 to $500 on up to two hands and let the chips roll in. 


The whirl of the wheel. The click-click-click of the ball as it makes it way from groove to groove. The growing crowd behind you cheering you on as your lucky streak continues. Can you feel the excitement? It’s only found at the Tin Lizzie roulette wheel. Come give it a spin.


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