Kool Deadwood Nites at Tin Lizzie

August 26-29, 2021

Join us for an entertaining and kool weekend in the Black Hills! Located right in the center of the action, Tin Lizzie is Kool Deadwood Nites headquarters. Nostalgic car owners vie for spaces in our Main Street parking lots due to the great location and high visibility of our event space. Plus, we will have Kool Deadwood Nites 27th Anniversary apparel for you to take home! Don’t miss the party in our Shelby Room with live music, food, and beer!


Tin Lizzie is the place to be during Kool Deadwood Nites with FREE LIVE MUSIC, beer & food, and event merchandise.

From neon signs to a restored Coke machine, Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort has given away some memorable prizes over the years.


Why not stay in the center of it all? Book early! Experience Kool Deadwood Nites when you stay at one of our two hotels.


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