Forever 605: South Dakota Stewardship

In accordance with Travel South Dakota’s strategic vision, the Forever 605 campaign strives to strike the right balance between the positive economic impacts of visitors to the communities and the correlated implications for responsible utilization and maintenance of our natural resources, stewardship of community assets, and the preservation of the state tourism industry’s world-famous hospitality and of our South Dakota way of life.


Travel Far, Close to Home

There’s a lot more than Mount Rushmore. With more than 77,000 square miles, there’s so much South Dakota to explore. And by choosing some of the lesser-known destinations, you’re alleviating pressure on the more overcrowded travel points and bringing the benefits of tourism to the undiscovered ones.


Care for Our Past, Protect Our Future.

South Dakota is the crossroads of a rich history and a boundless present, and it’s easy to honor both. They live on through things like the arts, dance, song, storytelling, food, and cultural festivals. By educating yourself about South Dakota’s Indigenous, pioneer, and Old West roots, heritage, and cultures, you can fully respect and engulf yourself in the state.

Soak it in, Pack it Out

A trailhead is the start of a journey where travelers and nature cross paths. And one where trash and nature shouldn’t. All it takes to respect the 605 state is pocketing that granola wrapper or packing up your plastic bags. It not only respects the wildlife, but preserves the trail for other travelers to enjoy.


Wander Boundlessly, Support Locally.

Strengthening the 605 state begins with supporting its one-of-a-kind businesses. By shopping and dining locally and respecting frontline workers in the tourism industry, you’re helping South Dakota and its local businesses thrive into the future.

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