Jackpot Progressive Party at Tin Lizzie Casino Resort

The Winning Feeling:

There’s something truly magical about winning a jackpot – the exhilaration, the rush of adrenaline, and the realization that luck is on your side. Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort hosts a monthly Jackpot Progressive Party to celebrate the extraordinary jackpot winners and the June event was one to be remembered.

From wins of $1,200 to staggering amounts of $37,506, these lucky individuals were invited to a day of celebration. Every jackpot winner earned more than just their impressive cash prize – they also received an exclusive invitation and a ticket to a drawing for the Progressive Jackpot of the Month.

Tin Lizzie | Deadwood, SD | Jackpot Winners

The Celebration Begins:

To kick-start the evening, each winner was awarded a hand pay of free play, ensuring their gaming experience continued with even more chances to strike it lucky. The free play allowed the invitees to enjoy a full day of gaming as they eagerly awaited their chance to take home the Jackpot Progressive of up to $5,000. The casino was filled with anticipation as they immersed themselves in various games and  special cocktails to celebrate.

Tin Lizzie | Deadwood, SD | Snitches

An Exclusive Cocktail Hour:

Followed by the thrilling start to the evening, an exclusive cocktail hour took place at Snitches. The elegant venue offered a sophisticated atmosphere, allowing all the winners to unwind and mingle with fellow Guests. As they sipped on crafted cocktails, stories were shared of exciting jackpots and big table game wins.

Tin Lizzie | Deadwood, SD | Cocktails

Adding to the Fortunes:

While the wins they had already achieved were undoubtedly impressive, everyone had the opportunity to add even more to their fortunes. The party featured a grand prize drawing where the Guests had the chance to win the Jackpot Progressive up to $5,000.  The stakes were high, but the atmosphere remained light-hearted and filled with anticipation while everyone hoped to amplify their incredible stroke of luck.

Tin Lizzie | Deadwood, SD | Cocktails

The Ultimate Jackpot Winner:

The excitement grew as 9 PM approached, signaling the time for the drawing. The lucky name was finally drawn, and a wave of triumph swept through the casino. The winner claimed the Ultimate Jackpot Winner of June and walked away with a remarkable $5,000!

Tin Lizzie | Deadwood, SD | The Clubhouse

As the night ended, filled with celebration and incredible moments, you couldn’t help but feel inspired by the stories of these lucky jackpot winners. Test your luck at Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort for your chance to be our next ultimate jackpot winner!